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Welcome to the enchanting world of Fat Vinny, where a magical Italian experience awaits you.



At Fat Vinny, we cherish the values of love, stability, and providing a safe and welcoming environment for all. Our mission is to offer a taste of Italy that resonates with everyone, inviting you to fall in love with the very best of Italian culture.

Step into a realm that captures the essence of Rome and the allure of Naples, all within the ambiance of Fat Vinny. Our commitment is to create an authentic Italian haven that celebrates the rich flavors, warmth, and spirit of Italy.



Our large variety of pastas are prepared daily in our transparent pasta room, in full view of the restaurant. Our sauces are rich in herbs and our focaccia's and our amazing Italian pizzas are only rolled out once ordered and then baked in our hot stone oven.

Everything is created in our own kitchen, including a variety of entrees and fresh salads, homemade ice creams and our surprising desserts, alongside light aperitif cocktails in Italian chic, an adapted wine menu and a rich selection of alcohol.


The design of our restaurants are created to offer our customers a happy and dynamic Italian atmosphere, alongside our open plan visible kitchen, which completes our guests the dining experience.



Our Vision

Fat Vinny exemplifies the winning combination of Italian familiality and dynamism. The brand has brought a line to the culinary field and continues to expand thanks to the demand for an innovative and accurate model, one that perfectly matches the consumer culture and entertainment experience of the current era. We see Fat Vinny as the leader in the Italian restaurant market, while operating according to the brand's core values - professionalism, transparency, accuracy and creativity.


As we embark on this new chapter, we are dedicated to offering an Italy that resonates with everyone. Fat Vinny is a celebration of Italian culture, a sanctuary of flavors, and a place where the magic of Italy comes to life.



The Fat Vinny Franchise

The brand was established in 2017 and has expanded significantly in a short time, thanks to a research and development process that has led to the creation of a magical and precise concept, a winning business model and a fast ROI.

One of the basic principles in maintaining the quality and success of the brand is our ability to locate and recruit franchisees with experience in the world of restaurants with a passion and aspiration to develop and succeed!




Why Join Our Franchise Group?

★ Experience and reputation of a group operating over 25 in the field of restaurants and franchises.


★ A proven and winning business model.


★ Relationships with our franchisees based on mutual respect, transparency and fairness.


★ Fair franchise agreements, which allow our franchisees to make profits over time.


★ We provide all our franchisees and their staffs with full training before, during and after opening.


★ Accompaniment and ongoing training for our franchisees, throughout their franchise period, is carried out by our team of expert professionals, who together cover each of the critical areas of business activity - real estate, equipment, food chain, food safety, recruitment and training, marketing And advertising.




★ After the restaurant opens and the activity begins, we guarantee ongoing support that assures our franchisees that they will always have someone to turn to. We visit our franchisees on a regular basis and we see them as our partners in success - their success is our success.




Master Franchise Opportunities in your Country

We are looking for the right partners who may already be operating as franchisees and are looking to add to their portfolio a unique Italian concept restaurant in New York style like ours. Alternatively, if you are a restaurateur and looking to open a strong and successful franchise brand in your country - we are the ideal partners for you.




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