The La Table group is a unique collection of restaurant brands who has been operating in the food & beverage business since 1993.

What makes us an outstanding organization are the many years of experience, alongside with an endless passion for innovation and "thinking out of the box". The group's vision and strategy are based on constant research into market trends, with a clear goal - to be at the forefront of the restaurant business.

The significant expansion of the group's 4 brands in recent years is as a result of opening "corporate owned" branches, together with branches opened by our talented franchise partners, who are totally dedicated and driven by our brand's core values:


★ Great People.

★ Uncompromising professionalism.

★ Creativity, versatility, and dynamism.

★ Family


Our brands are divided into Asia department & Italy department:


'Minna Tomei' is based on our traditional Asian concept that offers you a culinary journey in 5 countries, in addition to 'King Kong' - our most innovative project that offers intriguing Asian-American cuisine in an urban, vibrant and super trendy experience.


'Raffaello' that allows you to enjoy a classic, fine and high-quality Italian cultural experience together with 'Fat Vinny' - a New York-style diner with a cheerful atmosphere of southern Italy.


All of our restaurant brands are based on successful business models, and our chefs know how to use their expertise and experience to create a dedicated culinary infrastructure for franchise chains, while maintaining the highest standards and focusing on profitability and a quick ROI for our franchisees. Now, alongside brand managers, marketing team and a group of experienced businessmen, we are looking for quality and ambitious professionals to establish collaborations with us globally.


We have the knowhow and expertise to help you succeed as a master franchisee, or become part of a successful group looking to expand its franchise restaurant portfolio.

Home of experiences & creativity.

Four Brands. Four Opportunities. Four Journeys.

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