King Kong

King Kong

Where the flavors of the Far East meet the urbanites and big city life.

Innovative & non-traditional Asian cuisine, home hospitality and an entertainment experience you have never seen before.





Our young and trendy King Kong concept is our latest franchise project. Our research and development team led us to creating this unique urban bar and restaurant concept, combining the trendiest & tastiest Far Eastern dishes, with the big city life of Tokyo, London and Manhattan.


The atmosphere is an integral part of our DNA, with a beautiful bar in the center of the restaurant, a super meticulous alcohol menu, a lively beat and most of all - lots of Good Vibes.



The design of our restaurant and bar invites the men and women of the city, young and successful, to enjoy and relax with the people they love most, in a modern, rhythmic and stylish environment with New York style cocktails, quality rum, luxury tequila, whiskey from Taiwan and gin from Japan.  



One of the most exciting aspects of King Kong is our kitchen. Our talented corporate Chef, Trevor Saul, designed our kitchen layout and menu, taking into consideration the two most crucial key factors of running a profitable restaurant – labor and food cost. Despite our lavish menu and tastes, the King Kong franchisee does not need to hire qualified and expensive Chefs, and the choice of high-grade ingredients, expertly combined bring out extravagant portions but with well managed food costs. 


Our dishes have an "attitude", while expressing and representing the essence of the King Kong brand perfectly with amazing starters, unique sushi, dim sum, ''cloud'' buns and addictive desserts.



Our Vision

After drawing conclusions and insights in line with market trends, the King Kong brand was built with a clear goal of significant expansion, with a desire to lead the new entertainment culture and maximize the category of exotic dining experience at an affordable and surprising price. The chain's restaurants are based on an depth study of the needs of the target audience in the current era, while emphasizing trendy young men and women who are looking for a magical place to spend time with those they love the most.



The King Kong Franchisee

The brand's foundations began to be built from 2019 after a long research and development process, until the opening of the first branch in 2021 with an urban, young and innovative Asian-American concept - one built from scratch with a winning profit model and aimed to expand into franchises.

One of the basic principles in maintaining the quality and success of the brand is our ability to locate and recruit franchisees with experience in the world of restaurants with a passion and aspiration to develop and succeed!



Why Join Our Franchise Group?

★ Experience and reputation of a group operating over 25 in the field of restaurants and franchises.


★ A proven and winning business model.


★ Relationships with our franchisees based on mutual respect, transparency and fairness.


★ Fair franchise agreements, which allow our franchisees to make profits over time.


★ We provide all our franchisees and their staffs with full training before, during and after opening.


★ Accompaniment and ongoing training for our franchisees, throughout their franchise period, is carried out by our team of expert professionals, who together cover each of the critical areas of business activity - real estate, equipment, food chain, food safety, recruitment and training, marketing And advertising.


★ After the restaurant opens and the activity begins, we guarantee ongoing support that assures our franchisees that they will always have someone to turn to. We visit our franchisees on a regular basis and we see them as our partners in success - their success is our success.




Master Franchise Opportunity in your Country

We are looking for the right partners who may already be franchisors or even master franchisees of other concepts and are looking towards adding a trendy, different urban style restaurant concept such as ours. Alternatively, if you are a restaurateur and looking for a strong and successful franchise brand to develop in your country - We are the perfect partners for you.


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