Raffaello Restaurants

A chain of boutique restaurants that offers a classic Italian experience that combines innovation, precision and professionalism. 

The Raffaello brand was founded in 1993 and has always been at the forefront of the Italian restaurant category. Raffaello's menu is based on the highest quality ingredients possible, combing the best traditional Italian cuisine with the use of innovative cooking techniques.



The elegant and spectacular design, carefully selected wines, the prestigious variety of alcohol and the unique atmosphere, together with our "family", warm and attentive service, create an extraordinary hospitality experience.


The ultimate taste experience that the restaurant offers is expressed thanks to the process of continuous improvement and upgrade of our dishes that never stops. Our aspirations for excellence are reflected in the continuous improvement of the quality, taste and artform of each and every dish.



Our transparent pasta preparation room is one of the highlights, as it is located in front of our guests and allows them to witness the process of creating our fresh pasta on the spot. The pasta room is an integral part of the restaurant space, contributing to Raffaello's authentic experience and connecting the kitchen to diners.



Our vision

The brand is characterized by impressive stability that leads to many years of success with providing an Italian high-end experience, one that allows everyone to feel for a moment in Italy and a wonderful escapism for a few hours. Raffaello will continue to produce moments of happiness with an aspiration for excellence, accuracy, innovation and providing a complete experience, while continuing to preserve itself as an outstanding boutique chain and expanding to a number of additional branches in selected locations that perfectly match the brand character.



The Raffaello Franchise

Raffaello was founded in 1993. For the past 25 years we have been refining the secret of our success. After building our solid foundations and forming our brand - we decided to expand and create a high-quality boutique chain of restaurants.


One of the basic principles in maintaining the quality and success of the brand is our ability to locate and recruit franchisees with experience in the world of restaurants with a passion and aspiration to develop and succeed!



Why Join Our Franchise Group?

★ Experience and reputation of a group operating over 25 in the field of restaurants and franchises.


★ Our restaurants have remained successful during the 20 years since they opened.


★ A proven and winning business model.


★ Relationships with our franchisees based on mutual respect, transparency and fairness.


★ Fair franchise agreements, which allow our franchisees to make profits over time.


★ We provide all our franchisees and their staffs with full training before, during and after opening.


★ Accompaniment and ongoing training for our franchisees, throughout their franchise period, is carried out by our team of expert professionals, who together cover each of the critical areas of business activity - real estate, equipment, food chain, food safety, recruitment and training, marketing And advertising.


★ After the restaurant opens and the activity begins, we guarantee ongoing support that assures our franchisees that they will always have someone to turn to. We visit our franchisees on a regular basis and we see them as our partners in success - their success is our success.


Master Franchise Opportunities in your Country

We are looking for the right partners who may already be franchisors or even master franchisees of other concepts and are looking towards adding a high-class Italian restaurant concept such as ours. Alternatively, if you are a restaurateur and looking to open a strong and successful franchise brand in your country - we are the ideal partners for you.

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